Clean Slate Tile & Grout Care     "Because every floor deserves a clean slate"
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Tile Cleaning Grout Sealing and Tile Repairs, Serving Phoenix Arizona

Tile and Grout Cleaning 5 Star reviews

"Best ceramic tile and grout cleaning service I have every had...period."

Ben J. Gilbert, AZ

"Super job! My grout looks brand new and it is so easy to keep clean! Thank you!"
Julie W. Mesa, AZ

"We never thought our travertine tile and grout could look this good, it looks like the day it was installed, amazing!"
Barbara D. Chandler, AZ

"Our travertine floor looks great. This is a top notch professional company, USE THEM!"
Steve D. Scottsdale, AZ

"Professional, on time, and great service. These guy are unbelievable!"
Sarah G. Tempe, AZ

"Our saltillo tile floor looks great! Thanks for the great job!"
    Vincent B. Ahwatukee

"We had them clean, seal, and repair our ceramic tile and grout and we couldn't be happier.
Brenda V. Phoenix, AZ

"Super job sealing and polishing our travertine tile floor. THANK YOU!"
Serina R. Phoenix, AZ

Excellent job cleaning and sealing our saltillo floor!"
Jim B. Phoenix, AZ
First we clean it!
Clean Slate tile and grout care cleaning sealing
Then we seal it!
grout sealing by Clean Slate tile and grout care

Before color sealing
grout picture before color sealing

After color sealing!
Grout after color sealing


Travertine Tile Cleaning
Travertine Tile Cleaning Before

Travertine Tile Cleaning
Travertine Cleaning After


Saltillo tile cleaning
Saltillo Tile Cleaning Before

Saltllo tile clean & Seal
Saltillo tile cleaning after

Shower Dirty grout
Shower before

Shower clean grout
shower tile cleaning grout after

Tile & Grout Repair
tile grout repair phoenix gilbert az

tile grout repair gilbert phoenix az
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Clean Slate Tile & Grout Care

Clean Slate Tile & Grout Care is based out of Gilbert-Phoenix, Arizona,
we specialize in all services for your homes tile and grout needs.
We offer tile and grout cleaning, tile and grout sealing,
 tile and grout repairs, and polishing services.
We work on all tile types including ceramic, porcelain, travertine,
marble, limestone, terrazzo, saltillo, slate, and more. We specialize
in grout cleaning, grout coloring, and restoration.  

" I personally guarantee that each job will get my personal attention. I am passionate about what I do and take pride in giving stellar customer service. My team and I will work until you are 100% satisfied. We strive to give every customer the "WOW" experience with every service."

Thank you,
Clean Slate Tile & Grout Care
Gilbert - Phoenix, Arizona

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Why Choose us?

1. We will always give you an upfront honest estimate
2. We always do our best to explain our services and the expected results
3. The owner is personally involved at  jobsites (yes I actually work!)
4. We won't leave until you are 100% satisfied
5. We NEVER take a deposit, you pay when the job is done...period.
6. We are Insured & Bonded
7. We use top quality cleaning agents which are strong yet safe for kids & pets.
8. We use top of the line equipment, giving you the best results possible...quickly.
9. We are respectful of your home using foot booties & corner guards to protect your home.
10.We are passionate about what we do, and take pride in every job.



Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

We can make your grout look brand new and put a
on it! The results are amazing!

We offer ceramic tile and grout cleaning, sealing, and repair services. Ceramic tile being a non-porous surface is usually very easy to clean, the grout however can be a bit more challenging. We offer several different options in cleaning and sealing to restore & protect your grout.

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning
The ceramic tile and grout cleaning service includes a high alkaline (de-greaser) pre-treatment applied to your ceramic tile and grout. We then power-scrub your ceramic tile and grout with our industrial floor machines. We then rinse your ceramic floor with our high pressure & suction equipment to blast away the dirt and grime and pump it out to our tanks to haul away. We then dry mop your ceramic tile and grout. Next we apply a clear seal to your grout lines.   Finally, we set up fans so your ceramic floor will be completely dry before we leave.

Ceramic Tile & Grout Acid wash - SEALING INCLUDED
Sometimes after cleaning ceramic tile and grout some stains and discoloration remains in the grout lines. This can happen because grout is porous and if it has not been sealed consistently during its life dirt, oil, etc. can soak into the pores and stain the top layer of the grout. An acid wash etches the top layer of the grout exposing new fresh grout. This service must be preceded by our ceramic  tile and grout cleaning service as the floor must be de-greased prior to an acid wash services.

Grout Color sealing - CLEANING INCLUDED!
Grout color sealing is by far the most exciting thing you can do to put the ultimate protective barrier on your grout and also will give you the "WOW" effect by totaling changing the overall look of your floor. We use an Urethane acrylic stain seal that puts a 15 year bullet proof color seal on your grout. Not only does grout color sealing give you the ultimate in protection but it also colorizes your grout to any color you chose, giving you a brand new looking floor that will be easy to maintain for years to come. Grout color sealing also includes cleaning your tile and grout prior to the color seal application service. Grout Color Sealing Examles.


Travertine Natural Stone tile & grout Cleaning - Sealing

 We clean, seal, polish and repair travertine natural stone tile whether they are on floors, counter-tops, showers, etc.  These areas can be interior and/or exterior and tiles or slab surface. Our cleaning process consists of a natural stone travertine mechanical wash with a neutral ph natural travertine stone detergent. Then we rinse and prepare the surface for a penetrating sealer that is worked into the pores of the travertine stone tile. Finally the travertine stone tile gets mechanically buffed. We repair etched travertine stone, cracks and holes in travertine stone tile and grout.  These types of travertine natural stone tiles are sensitive to certain cleaners and can become etched when not properly maintained. They are also very porous and sealing is recommended to help prevent soiling and staining.

We use a safe neutral ph cleaner on your travertine floor to protect it from etching and damage. After cleaning we buff the travertine with our diamond pads to bring back the original luster. We can always polish the travertine to any desired sheen as well.

These travertine natural stone tiles can be polished to enhance reflection and beauty. Our  process is done mechanically with a diamond resin and polishing equipment. This is done wet and will not produce any dust or make a mess. After we complete the job we will provide you with instructions for the care of travertine natural stone.

Our Travertine Services include:
  • Travertine cleaning
  • Travertine sealing
  • Travertine polishing
  • Travertine repairs (filling holes and cracks, removing scratches, tile replacement)
  • Travertine grout color sealing
Call for free travertine estimate: 602-753-0425

Saltillo tile and grout cleaning - Sealing

Saltillo are beautiful tiles which are made from natural clays that date back hundreds of years and create a warm rustic look. Saltillo tiles are handmade by gifted artisans with primitive methods. The versatility of saltillo is endless. A 60 year old saltillo floor can be revived to look as if were just installed. Saltillo  can be used on walls, floors, counter-tops and even outdoors. Other tiles may come and go but Saltillo tiles are here to stay. The experts at Clean Slate Tile & Grout Care can refinish & maintain your saltillo floors for a lifetime of elegant beauty !

We clean, seal, refinish and repair all types of saltillo, both interior and exterior. These saltillo tiles are soft and uneven and require multiple coats of a high quality topical finish to protect them from becoming soiled and stained. Before sealing saltillo must be properly cleaned and prepared. We will inspect your saltillo and educate you as to what type of saltillo floor you have. Exterior saltillo tile can not have a topical seal due to heat, uv rays, moisture, etc. The seal can delaminate, discolor and hold in moisture causing maintenance issues and eventually leading to have to remove the finish from the saltillo. We will provide you with specific instructions for the care and maintenance of your saltillo tile floor.

Our Saltillo tile and grout services include:
  • Interior saltillo tile and grout cleaning
  • Exterior saltillo tile and grout cleaning
  • Interior saltillo tile and grout sealing
  • Exterior saltillo tile and grout sealing
Call for FREE Saltillo Tile Estimate: 602-753-0425

Shower and Bath Re-grout - Cleaning - Sealing
Why re-tile when you can re-grout! Chances are there is nothing wrong with your tiles, just the grout. Having your showers old, dirty, and molding grout and caulking removed and replaced will restore and waterproof your shower back to new.

Is is it time to re-grout the tile in your shower, bath tub-surround or walls?

For a fraction of the cost of replacement, the tile in your shower, bath-tub surround and even your bathroom walls can be restored to new again, by a quick and simple re-grouting and re-caulking!

Is your grout and caulk growing mold, discolored or worse yet cracking and falling out? It might be that regrouting and re-caulking, something that can be done in just a day, is exactly what you need!


Call for free estimate  - 602-753-0425


Tile & Grout Repair

Cracking of grout is very common due to the movement of a surface from expansion and contraction in your home from temperature changes. You may notice cracks at your corners of the walls in your showers, on your counter tops in the kitchen or bathroom where the counters meet the back splash walls and also around bathtub surrounds, sinks, etc. Cracks in tile flooring and grout can also be filled depending on the size of the crack. Special sanded grout caulking is used for these repairs and is available in any grout color. Natural stone tiles can sometimes have the filling fail and create a void or hole that should be repaired and filled with a proper stone filler. We also repair cracked ceramic tile by removing the cracked tile and replacing it with a new one.

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