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Tile and Grout Repairs

We offer tile and grout repairs on all tile types

  • Grout crack repair
  • Ceramic tile and grout removal an replacement
  • Travertine natural stone tile repair and replacement
  • Travertine natural stone tile scratch removal
  • Travertine natural stone hole filling
  • Saltillo tile and grout removal and replacement
  • Kitchen counter top tile and grout repair
  • bathroom tile and grout repair, removal and replacement
Clean Slate Tile and Grout Care
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Silicone grout caulking repair

Grout Crack Repair

The most common place to see grout cracking is along the baseboards and in the corners of showers. This cracking is caused by the shrinking and swelling caused by temperature and moisture. Grout used during installation is designed for the main floor area but not necessarily for areas by wood surfaces (baseboards) or areas exposed to moisture (showers). We can repair your cracked grout edges with a silicone based grout caulking (*color matched to your grout). This will not only repair your cracked grout but will also hold up to the expansion and contraction by the baseboards and moisture as it is silicone based and will flex.

Ceramic Tile and Grout Removal and Replacement

tile replace remove repair

If you have damaged and cracked ceramic tile we can remove the tile, grind out all the tile adhesive and grout under and surrounding the tile.  We will then install a new tile (customer to supply) with new tile adhesive and grout (*color matched to your grout).

Travertine Natural Stone Tile Removal and Replacement

 repairing travertine natural stone tile grout repair

If you have damaged or cracked travertine (natural stone) tile we can either remove and replace it with a new tile (customer to supply) or sometimes with cracked tile we can fill and refinish the tile. Repairing travertine (natural stone) tile is always preferred because removing the travertine (natural stone) tile is more difficult that other tile types and runs a high risk of damaging surrounding tiles.

Travertine Natural Stone Tile Scratch Repair

Travertine scratch repair after

travertine scratch repair

Because travertine tile is a natural stone it can be scratched by hard surfaces. We can repair the scratch by honing the tile belo w the depth of the scratch.  We then polish the tile to match the finish of the rest of the floor.